The Simplest Way to Donate Non-Cash Assets to Charity

by | Dec 1, 2022

Want to donate non-cash assets directly to your favorite nonprofits? The easiest way to do so is by making a donation through a philanthropy platform like The Giving Block, which offers the ability to directly give cryptocurrency and stocks to charitable organizations.

Through The Giving Block, donors can select from hundreds of leading cryptocurrencies and also have the option to donate stocks. The platform verifies that the intended charity will receive the donation. Looking for a receipt so you have all the paperwork you need for your tax return? Automatic tax receipts are also generated by The Giving Block.

It’s easy to make a direct gift of crypto or stocks through The Giving Block’s Donation Form. Check out instructions below and consider making a gift today to the causes you’re most passionate about.

Make a Direct Charitable Donation with Crypto or Stock

Crypto and stock investors can easily make direct donations through The Giving Block. Check to make sure the cryptocurrency you hold is one of the many kinds we accept. If you’ve invested in stock, you can choose from multiple ticker symbols and select which stock you’d like to donate.

Remember that donating stock or crypto directly, rather than selling your assets first and then donating the proceeds, can help you save money on your capital gains taxes. By making a direct donation of a non-cash asset, you can lower your tax burden and you’ll have more overall to give to your favorite charity.

Whether your gift is large or small, every dollar counts toward furthering nonprofits’ missions and helps complete crucial work around the world.

How to Make a Direct Gift Through The Giving Block 

To make your direct gift through The Giving Block’s donation platform, follow these steps: 

  1. Find the organization you’d like to support. You can search by name, county, city, state, or cause—or simply browse the thousands of nonprofits that accept donations via The Giving Block. 
  2. In the Donation Form on the right-hand side of an organization’s donation page, select whether you are donating stocks or crypto.
  3. Follow the instructions from there according to the donation method. You can find further information on how to donate stocks here and how to donate crypto here.

Make a Direct Gift Today

The Giving Block is your one-stop solution for donating your non-cash assets to nonprofits around the world. Make a direct gift today in several easy steps and help the organizations you know and love accomplish their missions.

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