Your Best Options for Donating to Faith-Based Organizations

by | Dec 20, 2022

There are many reasons to make a donation to a nonprofit organization, but people often enjoy supporting an organization that shares their religious or faith-based values. In 2021, religion was the most popular charitable cause supported by donors in the United States—with 27% of all donations made to organizations with religious affiliations or missions.

There are thousands of faith-based nonprofit organizations located throughout the world with a variety of missions. Many of these nonprofits are community-oriented and provide programming, education, and assistance.

Are you looking to donate to a faith-based nonprofit organization and wondering where to start? There are many different kinds of faith-based organizations and you have plenty of options for supporting them, whether or not you already participate in zakat, tithing, or tzedakah.

What is a Faith-Based Organization?

A faith-based organization refers to charitable organizations or nonprofits that are inspired by religious beliefs or affiliated with a religious group. Whether you’d like to give back to a local place of worship or you’re looking to support an international nonprofit, there are many organizations that are mission-focused on religious or moral values.

The most common types of faith-based organizations include:

  • Churches, synagogues, and other places of worship
  • Organizations with a faith-inspired mission
  • Education centers, schools, and colleges with spiritual or faith-inspired values

Many faith-based organizations aim to alleviate poverty, provide housing and programming for low-income individuals or the homeless, provide medical assistance, operate as cultural centers, or educate children. These organizations make a difference in the lives of individuals and families and play an essential role in the communities they serve.

What Can I Donate to Faith-Based Organizations?

You can donate cryptocurrency, stocks, or from your credit card to hundreds of faith-based organizations through The Giving Block. With support for 80+ different types of cryptocurrency and the option to donate from your investment portfolio or debit or credit card, you have several options for making a charitable contribution to your favorite faith-based organization.

Beyond donations, there are many other ways to support these organizations. You can volunteer, help mentor students, and contribute clothing or other items during donation drives.

What is a Tithe?

If you belong to a faith-based organization such as a church or other place of worship, chances are you may already be donating to the organization through a tithe.

A tithe, a word that means “tenth,” is the traditional custom of making a cash or check contribution to your church. Although tithing used to comprise 10% of a person’s income (hence the name), currently most church members give what they can.

If you already participate in tithing, volunteering or committing to additional donations are great ways to support your place of worship. Browse our list of nonprofits to see if your place of worship accepts stock, crypto, or card donations through The Giving Block.

Is My Donation to a Faith-Based Organization Tax Deductible?

Whether you donate stocks, crypto, or from your credit card, your donation to a faith-based organization is tax deductible. In fact, donating stocks or crypto are some of the most tax-efficient options for charitable giving. You can maximize your tax savings and have more to donate, making an even larger impact for the faith-based causes you care about.

Remember to make your donations by December 31st to meet the IRS tax deadline so you can report your charitable contributions on next year’s tax return.

> Visit our Tax Resources page for more information on making tax-efficient stock and crypto donations.

Donate to Faith-Based Organizations Today

Faith-based organizations have critical missions that uplift our communities, provide basic necessities and education, and improve quality of life. You can show your support for these organizations by browsing religion and faith-based nonprofits and selecting from the crypto, stock, or card options. Every dollar counts toward helping these organizations make a difference in the communities they serve.

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