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She’s the First

About She’s The First

She’s the First fights for a world where every girl chooses her own future. We team up with local organizations across 11 countries to ensure girls are educated, respected, and heard.

The challenges holding girls back are complex, so we don’t pretend to have easy answers or magic wands. It’s not enough to get a girl into school if later she is pulled out for reasons beyond her control. We can teach girls to speak up, but we can’t forget to make sure that the world listens. This is why She’s the First takes a holistic approach to our work. We find, fund, and support solutions that not only educate and empower girls but also build up the communities where they are able to flourish.

What is like working with The Giving Block

Fundraising outcomes? (First 6 Months)

TGB has helped us raise more than $40,000 with their targeted campaigns around COVID relief since we started with them in May.

Quality of support provided by the support team, from the sales process to post-implementation support?

Alex, Pat, Michael, etc. have always been super responsive and accessible for any questions or issues that we’ve had. I believe they also onboarded a new team member to facilitate this process with new organizations they work with as well, and though the idea of cryptocurrency/the process was confusing at first, they made it very clear and digestible.

What helped with the learning curve?

The biggest hurdle we faced was getting our Board to commit. However, for the rest of the team and the Board once they understand, it was pretty straightforward and we saw our gains/donations skyrocket right away. The platform management is minimal once you’ve been set up!

Overall, how do you feel about working with The Giving Block?

They’ve been a real saint in a time when individual donations have been tougher for small orgs. They have also been extremely communicative, flexible, etc. which I am grateful for!

Is there anything you wish you’d known before adopting cryptocurrency donations or TGB’s platform?

Getting the Board to commit was the biggest challenge – but other than that, making sure you have a basic understanding of the process is key but very easy to get set up with. The team has consistently put our org front and center when appropriate opportunities arise, they host regular trainings, etc. so they have been a true rockstar for our org.

Henah Parikh

She’s the First

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