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Announcing Our 2021 End-of-Year Crypto Fundraising Initiatives

It’s not any old Wednesday at The Giving Block. We’re thrilled to officially announce some very big news about our plans for the rest of the year. In the final five weeks of 2021, we will be laser-focused on one thing: making the biggest possible charitable impact through crypto fundraising.

Bag Season: The Giving Block’s End-of-Year Giving Campaign

In just a few weeks, we will be kicking off Bag Season, our flagship crypto fundraising campaign which runs from November 30 through December 31, 2021. We are on a mission to process more than $100M in crypto donations by the end of the year, and this campaign is our big push to hit or exceed that goal, with help from the whole community.

To maximize the impact of Bag Season, we are collaborating on creative philanthropic partnerships with some of the biggest names in crypto and beyond including Gemini, Audius, Brave, Bybit, CoinDesk, GSR, Jack Butcher, TaxBit, ZenLedger, Abra, Zebedee, and the r/bitcoin subreddit. More partners will be announced soon. Sometimes, we have to make noise for what we believe in. This Bag Season, it’s going to get loud.

For the past month, we have also been helping nonprofits prepare for Bag Season. With hundreds of nonprofits ready to fundraise crypto throughout November and December, we’re anticipating an extraordinary donation volume in support of all kinds of charities, with focuses ranging from education to human rights to the environment. By activating every pro-crypto nonprofit we work with, we’re bringing greater visibility to all of their missions, including smaller organizations that might not have instant name recognition.

Every one of our key fundraising efforts from now until December 31 is a part of Bag Season. These are the main initiatives of our campaign:

Crypto Giving Tuesday

We’ll be building excitement all throughout this month, until Bag Season officially begins on Tuesday, November 30, with Crypto Giving Tuesday, the biggest day of the year for crypto philanthropy. If you want to donate to a good cause and also help grow the crypto philanthropy movement, we encourage you to make a charitable donation on Crypto Giving Tuesday. Why? For one, your gift will be added to the total volume of Crypto Giving Tuesday, which will show the world the sheer size and impact of one single day of crypto generosity.


We’re also carving out time to celebrate the incredible outpouring of generosity from NFT artists, projects and platforms on Tuesday, December 7, our first annual NFTuesday. NFTuesday is the first event to highlight the NFT community’s culture of charitable giving, and we have some amazing things in store for it. We’re collaborating with NFT marketplaces, artists, studios, and projects like Nifty Gateway, SolanArt, VerisArt, and MediaEye to offer a series of charity auctions, contests, and more. (If you haven’t seen it yet, we encourage you to check out our leaderboard that displays some of the most charitable NFT projects to date.)

Causes Week

Later that month, from December 13-17, we’re hosting Causes Week, a five-day initiative to drive donations to our 15 brand-new Impact Index Funds, which enable donors to give to multiple focus-related charities with one single donation. Cause areas include civil and human rights, disasters and conflict, education, and mental health.

Bag Season and all of its components—including Crypto Giving Tuesday, NFTuesday, and Causes Week—will be the biggest, loudest, and most elaborate crypto fundraising campaign to date.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll share more exciting events, and more names of the companies helping to make this Bag Season historic. If you would like to stay informed about our initiatives, follow us @TheGivingBlock on Twitter or sign up to receive our weekly newsletter in your inbox.

We can’t wait to celebrate Bag Season with the crypto community. Let’s use our collective power to show the world that crypto isn’t just about the gains, it’s about making a positive impact. Together, let’s lay the foundation for a future where crypto users are the most charitable group on the planet.

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