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10 Days of Cryptocurrency Donations – #6: Cryptocurrency Founder Wins Warren Buffett Charity Lunch

Cryptocurrency Millionaire Justin Sun Pays Record $4.6 Million For Buffett Charity Lunch

In June of 2019, Justin Sun famously became the first cryptocurrency millionaire to win the annual Warren Buffett Charity lunch, paying a record $4,567,888. Buffett has raised over $34 million for Glide since he began the annual charity lunch. Justin Sun is the founder of cryptocurrency platform Tron and CEO of BitTorrent. Glide, a nonprofit in San Francisco, is the annual recipient of the lunch, fighting injustice and inequality for economically deprived communities in need.

The lunch was originally scheduled for July 25, but was postponed for medical reasons. A new date hasn’t been chosen yet, so many are unsure the lunch will still happen. As far as we can tell, Justin Sun already made the donation to Glide when he won the lunch. This marks one of the largest donations in the cryptocurrency industry of the year, despite being made in US dollars. It looks like we need to help Glide get equipped to be able to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrency donations.

You can view our list of over 100 nonprofits that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrency donations here.

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