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Announcing the Release of Our 2021 Annual Report

It’s not every day that we get to release an annual report! Whether you followed what was happening in Crypto Philanthropy this year, or want a first look at this fast-emerging corner of the fundraising landscape, we encourage you to check out our 2021 Annual Report.

Several exciting developments took place over the past year, such as the rapid rise of charitable giving from the NFT community, and major increases in donation volume via The Giving Block’s Donation Form.

Hundreds of nonprofits began accepting cryptocurrency donations in 2021, and we loved seeing all of the creative ways they fundraised crypto.

We’re also proud of the way that the crypto community—now 295 million strong—stepped up to support their favorite causes with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and dozens of other crypto assets.

What’s Inside the Annual Report?

Our 2021 Annual Report highlights some interesting ways that crypto donors are giving back, along with insights into these donation trends. Some notable findings include:

  1. The average crypto donation was approximately $10,455, as opposed to the average cash donation of $128 – a 82x greater value per transaction
  2. The total annual volume of crypto donations via The Giving Block grew by 1,558 percent
  3. The number of nonprofits accepting crypto donations on The Giving Block grew by 900 percent
  4. More than $12.3M in donations made from known NFT projects
  5. More than $69M in crypto donations were made via The Giving Block
  6. Ether (ETH) was the dominant cryptocurrency used for donations, followed by Bitcoin (BTC), and USD Coin (UDSC)

With 2021 laying an impressive foundation for what’s destined to be an amazing 2022 for Crypto Philanthropy, we’re already excited to release our next annual report (about 364 days from now).

Until then, follow the link below to download The Giving Block’s full 2021 Annual Report for the latest stats, trends, and insights:

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