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2021 Cryptocurrency News & Updates: The Latest For Nonprofits & Donors

Cryptocurrency news happens fast—and travels the web even faster. Because it’s so easy to lose track of the biggest stories, we’ve slowed down the pace by curating each month’s top items in crypto news. Stay up to date with trends and topics that matter most to you, whether you’re a nonprofit looking to accept crypto donations or an investor looking to donate crypto.

Here’s the latest in crypto market updates, NFTs, governmental moves, and more:

Cryptocurrency News For Bitcoin, Ethereum, and More

October 2021

  • Bank of America launches research coverage of digital assets. Read more on
  • NFTs trade volume surged 700% to $10.7B in Q3. Read more on CoinDesk.
  • Bitcoin Depot’s crypto ATMs surpass 5,000 as adoption grows. Read more on Cointelegraph.
  • Bitcoin jumps to new all time high at $66,000. Read more on CNBC.
  • An exchange-traded fund (ETF) tied to the cryptocurrency is set to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Read more on The New York Times.

September 2021

  • Vitalik Buterin was named one of TIME’s “most influential” people of 2021. Read more in TIME.
  • One in four US teens would buy crypto if given money to invest. Read more on Cointelegraph.
  • The Winklevoss twins and Tim Draper pitch in to a $15M funding round for a startup aiming to revive the extinct woolly mammoth. Read more on Decrypt.
  • NFT sold for $1.15M is part of a social experiment. Read more on The Block.
  • Crypto adoption is higher among minorities, LGBTQ in the US. Read more on BeInCrypto.
  • First bank in the US allows customers to buy, sell, and hold crypto directly through regular accounts. Read more on Forbes.
  • Metamask surpasses 10 Million active users. Read more on Consensys.
  • El Salvador prepares to adopt Bitcoin by installing 200 ATM machines. Read more on Business Insider.

August 2021

  • El Salvador prepares to adopt Bitcoin by installing 200 ATM machines. Read more on Business Insider.
  • $400B wealth manager Neuberger Berman greenlights Bitcoin investments. Read more on Decrypt.
  • CityCoins become a reality with MiamiCoin leading the way. Read more on CoinTelegraph.
  • Ethereum upgrade means 99% less carbon emissions from mining. Read more on Business Insider.
  • NFTs make the cover of Fortune Magazine. Read more in Fortune Magazine.

July 2021

  • After drop, crypto trading rebounds. Read more on CNBC.
  • Fidelity Digital is hiring 100+ staff for its crypto unit. Read more on Decrypt.
  • Dogecoin is back in the spotlight. Read more on Analytics Insight.
  • Mastercard plans to revamp its crypto card program. Read more on Cointelegraph.

Learn more about cryptocurrency. Explore our resource guides on Bitcoin, NFTs, and more.

Cryptocurrency Donation & Fundraising News

October 2021

  • Artblocks gifts largest-ever donation from an NFT sale to Médecins Sans Frontières. Read more on Decrypt.
  • Crypto Adoption Fund launches to raise $10M for charitable causes. Read more on The Giving Block.
  • Charity campaign Care Package seeks raised $250,000 in ETH funds for Afghan families in need. Read more on

September 2021

  • NFT donations are supporting United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read more on Cointelegraph.
  • The Giving Block launches Partner API for cryptocurrency donations. Read more on The Giving Block.
  • San Francisco gets its own Institute of Contemporary Art, and it accepts crypto donations. Read more on The New York Times.
  • RenPSG & The Giving Block partner to enable crypto giving in Donor-Advised Funds. Read more on Cointelegraph.
  • Twitter users with iOS devices can send and receive Bitcoin tips. Read more on Blockworks.

August 2021

  • The Giving Block now supports more than 50+ cryptocurrencieson its donation platform. Read more on The Giving Block.
  • The University of Pennsylvania received an anonymous donation of $5M in Bitcoin. Read more on
  • The New York Times covered the growing trend of crypto-philanthropy. Read more on The New York Times.
  • Nonprofits are turning to crypto donors for Afghanistan relief efforts. Read more on Cointelegraph.
  • NFT project Bored Ape Yacht Club has donated $875,000 (in ETH) to Orangutan Outreach. Read more on The Block.

July 2021

  • Bybit now offers a native way to donate crypto via The Giving Block API. Read more on The Giving Block.
  • Nonprofit Habitat for Humanity Australia is now accepting crypto donations. Read more on The Giving Block.
  • UK-based nonprofit Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) received more than $137,000 in cryptocurrency donations in the last 12 months. Read more on Yahoo.
  • The Giving Block added support for 10 more cryptocurrencies on its donation platform. Read more on The Giving Block.
  • Crypto token ELONGATE announces official partnership with The Giving Block. Read more on Bitcoinist.

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Learn More About Donating Cryptocurrency to Nonprofits

Did you know that Bitcoin has a bigger market cap than Facebook? Valued at over $1T, Bitcoin is leading the way in bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream. And it’s yielding some handsome returns on investment for many.

As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum gain in popularity and increase in value, charitable donations in crypto are also on the rise. Donors and nonprofits are discovering how much easier it is to give in crypto than cash. The Giving Block is committed to making donors happy and charities happier by simplifying the process for both.

Our co-founder Pat Duffy sat down with Untold Stories host Charlie Shrem to discuss cryptocurrency and charitable giving:

Cryptocurrency Resources for Nonprofits & Donors

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