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Listen to Civic Warriors Podcast Episode 32 feat. The Giving Block’s Alex Wilson

Tune into Episode 32 of the Civic Warriors Podcast, with The Giving Block’s Co-Founder Alex Wilson.

The podcast, hosted by Withum, brings on leaders in the nonprofit industry to share their stories and experiences that have shaped their perspectives. It aims to “bring the conversation to our listeners, sharing relatable stories that motivate and build consensus in the nonprofit community.”

During the episode, The Giving Block’s Co-Founder Alex Wilson discusses the rise of Crypto Philanthropy, the increasingly important role of crypto donors in today’s fundraising landscape, and ways that The Giving Block supports nonprofits in accepting cryptocurrency donations.

Civic Warriors Podcast: Episode 32

Insight on Cryptocurrency with Alex Wilson of The Giving Block

Release Date: March 8, 2022
Time: 28 Minutes

About Civic Warriors Podcast
Leaders in the nonprofit industry share their stories from the front lines of adversity. Where innovation meets determination, they withstand all odds to drive their mission forward and effect change. Each story’s unique, each struggle’s worth the fight, but the goal is constant – to make an impact. Join us on our journey to find the stories that are hidden beneath the corporate veil. Our guests open up on how they try, fail and overcome in their fight to fulfill their mission. Through their experiences, we can join forces to become civic warriors in our communities.

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