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Product Update: Our Cause Funds Are Now “Impact Index Funds”

We launched our Cause Funds last fall with the goal of empowering donors to quickly and efficiently support multiple nonprofits with similar or related missions. Moving forward, those 16 Cause Funds will now be referred to as “Impact Index Funds,” in order to better describe their purpose and effect. As of today, we have updated our website to reflect the new name. The funds themselves will remain unchanged.

For those who aren’t familiar with The Giving Block’s Impact Index Funds, here’s a quick rundown of their purpose:

1. To Equalize Crypto Fundraising Access for Nonprofits

More than 1,300 nonprofit organizations fundraise crypto with The Giving Block. But not every organization has the same amount of organizational resources and visibility in the crypto space. Each Impact Index Fund distributes equally to all organizations participating in the fund, whether they’re big or small, new or old.

2. To Encourage Nonprofit Crypto Adoption

Similar to our Crypto Adoption Fund, the Impact Index Funds help support a growing, sustainable Crypto Philanthropy landscape. Most nonprofits make the move to accept crypto donations after months or years of research and internal conversations. Receiving an Impact Index Fund distribution shows these organizations the generosity of the crypto community as they begin their crypto journey.

3. To Reimagine Donor Impact in the 21st Century

The Giving Block’s Impact Index Funds are akin to mutual funds, but for philanthropists. Much like how mutual funds track the performance of an index rather than an individual stock, Impact Index Funds allow crypto donors to make one charitable donation that can support multiple nonprofit organizations focused on a particular cause area, such as the environment or human rights.

4. To Lessen Friction in the Donor Experience

On any given cause-related awareness day, an individual may receive over several fundraising emails and see dozens of social media appeals from nonprofits. With the option of making a gift to an Impact Index Fund, donors can spend less time researching or worse—experiencing decision paralysis. That’s a win for donors and nonprofits.

Support Impact Index Funds Today

Want to maximize the difference your crypto can make? You can support over 1,300 nonprofits on The Giving Block by donating directly to a single organization or one of 16 Impact Index Funds. It’s never been easier for crypto donors to find an important cause to champion today!

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