RoundlyX Announces Crypto Donation Integration with The Giving Block

Today, The Giving Block is excited to announce plans for a native donation integration feature with RoundlyX, bringing more than 1,200 impactful, pro-crypto charities directly to investors looking to make a difference.

RoundlyX is a roundup tool and portfolio aggregator that allows you to invest your spare change in cryptocurrencies and digital assets every time you make a purchase from your bank account or credit card. It rounds up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the remainder in the digital assets you choose.

This is the first time a portfolio aggregator platform has built its own donation platform to support thousands of charities around the world. The Giving Block is excited to introduce its wide network of nonprofits directly to RoundlyX users, who will be able to navigate within the platform to donate to their favorite causes and receive an automatic email receipt and confirmation of their contribution.

RoundlyX’s commitment to innovation means that its users now have a much more seamless donation experience by allowing crypto users to donate crypto, rather than forcing them to sell for fiat. The Giving Block’s API offers RoundlyX users a simplified user experience that allows them to offset crypto gains while simultaneously supporting the philanthropic causes that move them. As the leader in Crypto Philanthropy, The Giving Block is uniquely positioned with a network of vetted nonprofits both global and local to ensure no cause remains unrecognized.

“RoundlyX continues to lead the way with innovative product features. We’re excited to be working together to create a first of its kind integration. This integration goes a long way to create a culture of giving in the industry and we’re excited to see this integration drive millions of dollars in donations while offsetting millions of dollars in taxes,” said Alex Wilson, Co-Founder of The Giving Block.

This integration comes at a timely inflection point for crypto philanthropy: Crypto adoption by nonprofits is surging and crypto donations are on pace to surpass $1 billion in 2022. RoundlyX’s commitment to crypto native philanthropy will bolster the industry’s image and pioneers a roadmap for success as the first exchange to launch a native donation platform that supports hundreds of causes around the world.

“We are thrilled to expand the ability of our users to connect to the things they care about most. Customers today want to do good while doing better in their own lives. Spare change roundups into The Giving Block charities allow our customers to be a force for good in the world when making everyday purchases,” said Will Trible, Co-Founder of RoundlyX.

“We are excited to ‘spare change the world’ with The Giving Block as a partner,” added Andrew Elliott, Co-Founder of RoundlyX.

The integration is planned to go live in 2022. RoundlyX is cementing itself as a leader in corporate crypto philanthropy and will be making a holiday donation via The Giving Block as part of its commitment to The Crypto Giving Pledge. Both companies are excited to continue innovating in the realm of personal finance and philanthropy and look forward to an exciting 2022.

About RoundlyX

RoundlyX’s mission is to spread mainstream adoption of digital assets by empowering users with tools for responsible involvement in an exciting but volatile emerging asset class. Through tools like roundups, market participants can weather the volatile but emerging digital asset class without overextending. In the RoundlyX dashboard users can manage their digital asset and item portfolios at various partnered exchanges with ease.

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