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Shift4 and The Giving Block Announce $20 Million Cryptocurrency Philanthropy Campaign

The Giving Block and Shift4, a leading provider of integrated payment and commerce technology that recently acquired The Giving Block, today announced the launch of the “Caring with Crypto” campaign to raise over $20 million for nonprofit organizations on The Giving Block. Shift4 CEO Jared Isaacman will personally match the first $10 million in crypto donations through the initiative, with the aim to create the largest cryptocurrency fundraising campaign in history.

This campaign will benefit a wide range of causes, including Ukraine humanitarian efforts. The Giving Block has already raised nearly $2 million for Ukraine relief efforts on the platform through their Ukraine Emergency Response Fund, with that total rapidly increasing.

The Giving Block operates the leading crypto donation marketplace, connecting cryptocurrency donors with over 1,300 nonprofit organizations. The platform offers a turnkey solution for nonprofits looking to accept crypto donations, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 70 other cryptocurrencies.

“To celebrate The Giving Block joining the Shift4 family, I’m proud to support the forward-thinking nonprofit organizations that are utilizing this platform. As Shift4 aims to become a leader in the cryptocurrency movement, this historic matching campaign will help crypto donors multiply the impact of their giving while bringing greater awareness and participation in crypto philanthropy.” — Jared Isaacman, CEO, Shift4

To build on its recent acquisition of The Giving Block, Shift4 will invest further in the company’s successful strategy while also bundling crypto donation capabilities with traditional card acceptance to deliver a truly differentiated, end-to-end fundraising solution for nonprofits. This means that nonprofit organizations will be able to accept both traditional and emerging payment methods seamlessly. Shift4 and Isaacman have also set up a separate multi-million-dollar matching pool to benefit all new nonprofit organizations that join The Giving Block platform or sign up for the company’s end-to-end offering.

The Giving Block also brings a team of cryptocurrency & blockchain technical talent to Shift4, where they will establish a Crypto Innovation Center to integrate crypto acceptance and settlement capabilities across the company’s current offerings in a wide range of verticals.

Learn more about our “Caring With Crypto” initiative, and find out how you can double your gift’s impact through the $10M donation match:

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