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The Giving Block Launches Premium Cryptocurrency Services for Institutional Philanthropy

After months of behind-the-scenes work, we are excited to announce today the launch of The Giving Block Institutional, a premium service tailored to meet the unique cryptocurrency donation needs of institutional clients. This new suite of fully-customizable solutions will empower these clients to deliver best-in-class cryptocurrency donation experiences.

The idea for The Giving Block Institutional came out of a series of conversations with institutional organizations. As more of them shared their interest in accepting cryptocurrency charitable contributions, we took note and got to work, trying to find solutions to their most pressing challenges.

Cryptocurrency and Institutional Philanthropy

Crypto Philanthropy has so far been challenging for institutions, as they face increased regulations on accepting and reporting charitable contributions, and while many of them work with numerous advisors to manage different aspects of their charitable work, a limited number have the ability to navigate cryptocurrency-related matters effectively.

To help institutional clients with these challenges, The Giving Block Institutional’s services will include:

  • Custom solutions for large or special handling transactions
  • API integration with existing contribution workflows
  • Consultations to help client-facing advisors with crypto conversations and planning sessions

The Giving Block Institutional enables the secure and compliant acceptance of cryptocurrencies as donations with the option to immediately convert crypto to U.S. dollars, saving organizations time and money. Our institutional-grade infrastructure reduces risk and provides constant monitoring of transactions by an experienced team, backed by white-glove customer support.

Whether an institution seeks to make contributions to its favorite nonprofit organization or accept donations, The Giving Block Institutional will provide expertise and solutions.

Find out more about The Giving Block Institutional’s solutions and offerings:

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