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The Giving Block’s Founders Make Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2022

Each year since 2012, Forbes announces a list of young entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors who are leading the charge in remaking our world across many sectors that include healthcare, science, art, entertainment and more. This year, The Giving Block Co-Founders, Pat Duffy and Alex Wilson, have been named to the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 in the area of Social Impact.

Pat and Alex founded The Giving Block in 2018 after recognizing a new fundraising opportunity emerging from the cryptocurrency landscape. Millions of people around the world were making profits from investing and trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, and seeking to make crypto donations directly to worthwhile causes. With backgrounds in financial management and nonprofit fundraising and operations, as well as a passion for cryptocurrencies, Pat and Alex set out to create a platform to help nonprofits securely and compliantly accept crypto donations and allow donors to give crypto donations to their favorite charities around the world.

Today, The Giving Block is leading an entirely new sector, Crypto Philanthropy, and connecting nonprofits and cryptocurrency donors to turn crypto into one of the greatest forces for good on the planet. Not only does The Giving Block’s solution empower charities to tap into the fastest growing donor demographic but it also provides crypto donors with the ability to realize tax advantages through giving.

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On track to process over $1B in crypto donations in the next 12 months, The Giving Block’s Crypto Philanthropy programs are now the fastest growing revenue channel for over 1,000 nonprofits including United Way Worldwide, Save the Children and the American Cancer society, making them the most disruptive force in charitable giving today.

This has been a milestone year for Crypto Philanthropy, but we’re only at the beginning of this exciting charitable movement. While we’re extremely proud to be recognized by Forbes, we see this as an acknowledgment of the entire crypto community and its remarkable generosity.

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