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Lupus Foundation of America Wins Latest Brave Ads Grant

The Brave web browser has its own reward system, and over 7,000,000 monthly active users.

This week, Brave Software, the company behind the fast, privacy-oriented Brave browser, combined with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform, sponsored the Walk to End Lupus Now event in San Francisco, and awarded them the third Brave Ads Grant.

Brave Ads are opt-in, privacy-preserving, and users who consent to viewing them are rewarded with 70% of the ad revenue share in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). As part of the program, the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) will receive approximately $10,000 in free advertisements per month to engage with Brave’s user base, which has a confirmed interest in a rewarding ad experience. The LFA has also verified its website to become a Verified Publisher with Brave so visitors can tip the LFA with BAT.

“Brave is excited to continue our partnership with The Giving Block, and include the Lupus Foundation of America among the other good causes that The Giving Block has been able to bring into our Brave Ads Grant program. We’re looking forward to seeing how our platform and program can help drive contributions for the LFA and to connecting users with their favorite charities.” -Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development

The Giving Block and Brave developed this program as a way for nonprofits to gain exposure to the blockchain community. Regular ads on social media or Google aren’t able to target this community as directly. In the first 5 days of the Brave campaign, we’ve seen a click through rate of about 11%. That compares with an industry average of 2% for Google AdWords.

Stats for the first five days

Stats for the first five days

On a monthly basis, that should translate to roughly 732,000 views, 78,000 clicks and 16,800 10-second visits. For most organizations, that’s a sizable amount of new traffic from a particularly crypto-savvy audience.

“More than half of Americans lack awareness and understanding of lupus,” said Stevan W. Gibson, president and CEO of the Lupus Foundation of America. “We are grateful to The Giving Block and Brave for not only helping us bridge the awareness gap with their ad grant but helping to fund lupus research and life-saving resources for people suffering from this chronic disease through their sponsorship.”

The LFA began accepting cryptocurrency donations almost one year ago and has been engaging with different organizations in the blockchain and tech industry to raise awareness about lupus and help find a cure. For their Walk to End Lupus Now event in San Francisco this year, they’re inviting the blockchain community to support lupus warriors as an event sponsor.

Brave will be a Trailblazer sponsor at the San Francisco walk, so look out for their walk team which is currently ranked #2 for fundraising.

If you’re interested in partnering with the Lupus Foundation of America at their annual Walk to End Lupus Now, please reach out to Zach Feuerherd at [email protected].

If you’re interested in partnering with The Giving Block to begin accepting cryptocurrency donations or sponsor a nonprofit initiative, reach out to us at [email protected].

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