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Increasing Donor Impact With All-New Crypto Impact Index Funds

We are excited to announce the next big development in crypto philanthropy. Starting today, donors are able to contribute to 15 brand-new Impact Index Funds, which distribute charitable donations across multiple nonprofits working toward related goals. With a single gift to an Impact Index Fund, a donor can make a broader impact by helping many charities at once.

How Impact Index Funds Work

We offer donors the choice of 15 Impact Index Funds that collectively support hundreds of nonprofits on The Giving Block. Participating US-based organizations are assigned to a single Impact Index Fund. Donations to each fund are distributed evenly to each participating charity once per month.

The Giving Block’s Impact Index Fund categories include:

Why We Created Impact Index Funds

Our aim in establishing these Impact Index Funds is twofold. The first is to reduce friction in the crypto donor’s giving experience. We started The Giving Block to create a bridge between generous crypto users and nonprofit organizations that needed a solution for accepting crypto donations and connecting with this new donor demographic. Impact Index Funds build upon this initial company goal. By giving donors the ability to pick an issue area, they are no longer boxed into choosing specific organizations to support. Impact Index Funds also eliminate the need to conduct extensive research prior to giving since all charities on our platform have been thoroughly vetted and approved.

Secondly, Impact Index Funds were created to increase the number of charities impacted by crypto philanthropy. Impact Index Funds not only spread the donations among several organizations, which helps lesser-known charities get their share of the generosity, they also help provide a framework for crypto donors to get a more complete picture of today’s critical issues. With Impact Index Funds, donors are incentivized to support a complex tapestry of organizations addressing similar issues. In this subtle way, Impact Index Funds signal to more nonprofits that now is the perfect time to join the crypto philanthropy movement because everyone benefits.

The key benefits of Impact Index Funds

Impact Index Funds are the next step forward for the crypto philanthropy movement because they can:

  1. Empower donors to reach multiple charitable organizations with a single transaction
  2. Reduce friction in the donor experience by speeding up the research process
  3. Minimize the amount of paperwork required to file charitable contributions on your taxes
  4. Allow smaller or lesser-known nonprofits to get a greater share of crypto donations
  5. Encourage nonprofit crypto adoption, similar to our Crypto Adoption Fund that we launched a few weeks ago

Mark Your Calendars for Causes Week!

If you’re like us, you might be thinking, “Hey, Impact Index Funds are a great opportunity for like-minded organizations to fundraise together!” With the giving season right around the corner, we wasted no time in creating Causes Week, which will run from December 13 – 17, 2021. We’ll have more updates as we get closer to the dates, but expect us to make some noise and cheer for these awesome nonprofit organizations working to better our world with the help of supporters from the crypto community.

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Get to know The Giving Block’s 15 brand-new Impact Index Funds and the hundreds of charities they support.

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