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Inspiring long-term generosity with The Crypto Giving Pledge

The Crypto Giving Pledge is a yearly commitment to donate one percent of your crypto holdings to charity.


We’re excited to invite crypto users worldwide to take the The Crypto Giving Pledge, an initiative aimed at creating a strong and visible culture of philanthropy in the crypto space. The Crypto Giving Pledge is a commitment to donate one percent or more of your crypto to charitable organizations each year, and all are welcome to join the movement.

As with everything we do at The Giving Block, The Crypto Giving Pledge is designed to create a culture of charitable giving in the crypto community and make it one of the most charitable industries in the world. In order to do that, we help crypto donors maximize their impact and help charitable organizations fundraise crypto for important causes. This latest initiative is an opportunity for anyone to become a leader in crypto philanthropy—not just influencers and high net worth individuals.

How The Crypto Giving Pledge works

The Crypto Giving Pledge raises the visibility of the crypto philanthropy movement and empowers members of our community to transform their values from words into action. It’s also easy to join and participate. Members who take “The Pledge” simply donate one percent or more of their crypto to a charity before the end of the year. When next year rolls around, there’s no need to re-register, members simply make another 1% donation.

What makes The Crypto Giving Pledge unique?

  1. It’s the world’s first official philanthropic group for crypto donors
  2. Membership is open to all (it’s not a billionaires’ club)
  3. You can choose which charities to support with your crypto donation
  4. Your annual donation makes a difference in the world and inspires others to give
  5. You don’t need to disclose the value of your annual charitable gift
  6. Your name or pseudonym appears on the leaderboard along with Rainn Wilson, Tony Hawk, Ryan Selkis, Meltem Demirors, and other members of The Crypto Giving Pledge Founders Circle (but you can also join anonymously)
  7. Oh, and we just might sprinkle in a few perks for members (rare merch, anyone?)

The origins of The Crypto Giving Pledge

When we first began working with nonprofit organizations, we quickly realized that their voices needed a way to break through all the noise if they were going to be successful fundraising crypto. To accomplish this task, we created end-of-year crypto fundraising campaigns to help these organizations raise their voices together during the annual giving season. These efforts helped to put crypto philanthropy, a new concept for many, on the map.

And the results were exciting: nonprofits raised millions in 2020 during our year-end campaign. In the months that followed, many more donors have given, and many more nonprofits have signed up to accept cryptocurrency donations. Currently, more than 700 nonprofit and charitable organizations take crypto donations with The Giving Block as their trusted solution.

The message was clear: crypto philanthropy was no anomaly; it was a movement.

The Crypto Giving Pledge borrows this approach, but flips the focus to activating donors. Working and investing in crypto can be profitable, and we want to do our part to help distribute some of those gains to those who need it most. And while many individuals and companies share this sense of duty to give back, there are many more who don’t know that hundreds of nonprofit organizations now take crypto donations.

We came up with The Crypto Giving Pledge as a way for us to inform and inspire others, and to hold ourselves accountable to the values we preach. Earlier this year, we established The Crypto Giving Pledge Founders Circle, a core group of individuals and companies that have committed to donating one percent of their crypto each year.

Now, we’re pleased to invite all crypto users to take The Crypto Giving Pledge.

What are the goals of The Crypto Giving Pledge?

The Crypto Giving Pledge is part of a movement to turn crypto philanthropy into the most powerful force for good on the planet. By building the world’s biggest community of crypto donors, we hope to:

Make a difference in the world

First and foremost, our aim is to make a positive impact with crypto. We work with hundreds of crypto-friendly nonprofit organizations that help better the lives of people, animals, and communities around the globe. By giving more crypto, year over year, we can support their missions and further their long-term achievements.

Turn crypto users into crypto donors

Most crypto donors already know about the tax benefits available to them. The current tax codes of the US and several other countries allow crypto users to reduce their tax liability by making charitable gifts in crypto (rather than converting to cash, then donating). We view this as a “do good for others and good things will come to you” situation. It also just feels good to support causes that matter to you personally.

Encourage crypto adoption among nonprofits

While the nonprofit sector gets a reputation for being slow to adopt new trends and technologies, crypto may be the exception to the rule. Many charitable organizations accepted crypto donations long before most major credit card companies and big businesses began letting their users make crypto transactions. As mainstream adoption snowballs, we want nonprofits to see that crypto users are a sustainable donor base. As they say: if you build it, they will come.

Grow the crypto philanthropy movement

We believe that crypto philanthropy is still in its very early stages. If every user today gave away one percent of their crypto (based on a $2T market cap), charities would receive $20 billion in crypto donations. Imagine the levels of impact possible in five years, ten years, even twenty years, with much higher market caps and user counts predicted.

Crypto has the potential to become the most powerful philanthropic force on the planet. By establishing a cohesive community of crypto donors, we think it’s not only possible, it’s inevitable.

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