Donating Cryptocurrency is Easy

Making a crypto donation on The Giving Block is secure, fast, and user-friendly. Here’s how to maximize your impact by donating Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to charity.

Donate Crypto on Your Terms

Whether you’re looking to give 100 ETH or 10,000 SHIB, The Giving Block has a solution for your philanthropic needs.

Through our funds and campaigns, you can even support dozens of nonprofits with a single donation. That’s the power of crypto.


Donate to Nonprofits

Make a donation to support one of 1,000+ universities, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations on The Giving Block.


Contribute to Crypto Funds

The Giving Block’s Crypto Adoption Fund supports all nonprofit organizations on the platform, while the Impact Index Funds distribute funds equally across nonprofits with missions aligned around similar causes.


Support Active Campaigns

From Ukraine humanitarian relief to LBGTQ+ rights, The Giving Block curates ongoing campaigns and fundraisers for urgent causes.


Start a Donor-Advised Fund

Work with an expert to create a Donor-Advised Fund—and make a cryptocurrency donation to the fund.


Access Our Private Donor Services

Donors seeking a white-glove donation experience for illiquid assets or large gifts can connect with our Private Donor Services team.


Explore Institutional Giving Options

The Giving Block Institutional provides cryptocurrency donation services and solutions for endowments, trusts, fund managers and more.


Establish a Partnership or Corporate Giving Program

Make a large corporate donation, establish an employee give-back program, start a fundraiser or integrate our API.


Take The Crypto Giving Pledge

Show your leadership and make a commitment to donate one percent or more of your crypto each year to charitable organizations.

Donating Is Easy, Safe, and Tax-Efficient

When you donate cryptocurrency to a charity or nonprofit organization on The Giving Block, you’ll have the option to select from one of 70+ cryptocurrencies.

Our Donation Form is secured by cloud architecture and multiple security measures including tokenization and encryption to protect sensitive data.

When you donate, you can select to receive a tax receipt which can be used to deduct your charitable donations on your tax return.

Donation Donation Form | The Giving Block

Don’t See What You’re Looking For? Contact Us

We’re here to answer your donation questions. Let us know how we can help, whether you’re seeking assistance with the following issues or something else:

  • Donating cryptocurrencies not supported by The Giving Block
  • Nominating a nonprofit organization not on our platform