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The Giving Block is the leader crypto donation solution, and we achieve that by staying current with industry trends. Our updates provide donors, nonprofits, and partners an overview of where we are headed and how crypto-philanthropy is making a positive impact in the world.

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Donation Donation Form | The Giving Block Increasing Donor Impact With All-New Crypto Impact Index Funds Donors are now able to contribute to 15 crypto Impact Index Funds, which distribute charitable donations across multiple nonprofits with related goals.
Donation Donation Form | The Giving Block Inspiring long-term generosity with The Crypto Giving Pledge The Crypto Giving Pledge is a yearly commitment to donate one percent of your crypto holdings to charity each year. Join us!
Donation Donation Form | The Giving Block 2021 Cryptocurrency News & Updates: The Latest For Nonprofits & Donors Cryptocurrency news happens fast. Stay up to date with trends and topics in crypto philanthropy, market updates, all-time highs and more.
Donation Donation Form | The Giving Block The Giving Block Launches The Crypto Adoption Fund To Raise $10 Million The Crypto Adoption Fund will enable donors to support more than 600 pro-crypto nonprofit organizations with a single donation.
Donation Donation Form | The Giving Block RenPSG and The Giving Block welcome 11 new crypto-friendly DAF programs, including UNC System institutions The Giving Block and RenPSG have onboarded 11 new Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) programs, several of which support institutions in the University of North Carolina System.
Donation Donation Form | The Giving Block The Giving Block Expands its Corporate Philanthropy Partnership Offerings The Giving Block is pleased to announce the launch of its new suite of corporate philanthropy programs which enable companies to donate crypto to charities.